Review of the Top 10 Best Tattoo Grips for 2022

Your tattoo artist job will be much simpler if you use the Best Tattoo Grips. We don’t frequently consider how well we can hold the device when laying ink. However, if you give it some thought, you might have produced some of your best work using a solid grip. Tattoo grips are essential. To help you choose, we’ve researched the top 10 tattoo grips of 2020.

 Tattoo grips simplify tattooing by stabilizing the machine in a way that makes it more convenient for tattoo artists. They are of a universal size and can use with all sorts of tattoo machines. Make sure the grip is ergonomically created when you buy it so it may easily fit into the curved, natural hollow of the hand.

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10 Best Tattoo Grips of 2022

Following thorough research based on customer reviews, ratings, and tattoo artists’ recommendations, the tattoo grips highlighted below were from hundreds of possibilities available on various buying platforms.


1. Hawink Cartridge Best Tattoo Grips and Adjustable Twist Rings 

Best Tattoo Grips

The tattoo grip’s construction matters the most. There is no need to be concerned, as the entire Hawink CNC tattoo cartridge grip is built from premium aircraft aluminum alloy.

We included this grip at the top of our list because, throughout our study on the finest tattoo grips, we discovered that many tattoo artists use it. The build quality is excellent, and this grip has a top-notch finish that has been hand polished and anodized.

The cartridge frame’s integrated revolving steel ball, which offers you the convenience of needle adjustment and is simple to disassemble and entirely autoclavable, is another noteworthy feature.

It’s a custom-created locking mechanism that will make tattooing more convenient for you; you can swap out cartridges & install it. Due to its ergonomic design, you will always have support throughout your entire hand regardless of the type of machine you use because it is compatible with all significant cartridge machines.

  • Wear-resistant
  • Simple to dismantle
  • thoroughly clean and autoclavable
  • 1% of clients say that the ink spills.


2. Ambition Cartridge Tattoo Grips with Locking System

Best Tattoo Grips

The widespread use of this tattoo grip is one of its primary selling points. You don’t have to worry about fitting with these Ambition cartridge tattoo grips because they work with the coil, motor, and cartridge pen machines. They are compatible with practically all tattoo needles.

This tattoo grip can be detached entirely, disassembled, cleaned, and autoclaved, but the plastic components cannot be autoclaved and are highly deformable. The best Tattoo Grips locking mechanism, which makes cartridge interchange easier, is another benefit.

Along with the tattoo grip, you will also receive three complimentary plungers of various lengths, making this package appropriate for amateur and expert tattoo artists. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee; if you experience any issues with the tattoo grip or are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can request a return.

  • Every component of our grips is CNC-carved.
  • Fit for the majority of tattoo needles
  • particular locking system
  • It is “Rusty,” although few customers complain about it.


3. Anself Stainless Steel Best Tattoo Grips

Best Tattoo Grips

Thanks to its non-slip, finely milled stainless steel construction, Anself stainless steel tattoo machine tube handles grip will provide you with a more comfortable tattooing experience than any other tattoo grip.

It is wholly autoclavable and made entirely of high-grade industrial stainless steel, making it simple to clean and use. This tattoo grip has 34 stainless steel grips and is the best for beginners.

Thousands of professionals worldwide have given it five stars on Amazon and other purchasing websites. Although this tattoo grip has received mixed reviews from clients, it appears more prominent online. The clasp measures roughly 1 inch. & much more complicated than it seems.

  • Finish with mirror polish and knurling
  • total autoclavability
  • simple to clean
  • practical to use
  • smaller, roughly 1 inch in size


4. ATOMUS Self-lock Aluminum Alloy Tattoo Gun Grip

Best Tattoo Grips

There is no need to be concerned about the tattoo grip’s quality because it is made by ATOMIS, the most reputable company for tattooing. ATOMIS always emphasizes the design of all types of tattoo goods, including those for eyebrow tattoos.

You will permanently tattoo more comfortably thanks to the self-locking mechanism of the ATOMUS 25mm tattoo grips and tubes. It is also simple to modify, grip compatibility with all standard tattoo machines is not a concern, and it is.

Thanks to its removable design Best Tattoo Grips with an inner tube, always provide you with greater ink flow and needle visibility. This grip is made entirely of aluminum alloy and thoroughly polished to give you anti-slop solid performance.

  • corroded brand
  • self-locking style
  • Easy to modify
  • extremely polished surface
  • Durable and portable
  • No drawbacks


5. Tattoo Black Aluminum Alloy Self Lock Tattoo Grips

Best Tattoo Grips

You might say that the set includes a silicone tattoo grip cover, 304 steel tattoo tips, and an aluminum alloy tattoo grip. These best tattoo grips made of aluminum alloy have premium materials, are self-locking, and have a non-slip knurling design.

Tattoo grips make tattooing comfortable, and the grip cover ensures you’ll always have next-level comfort. Because it is constructed of silicone, holding it is incredibly comfy—the tattoo tips are from 5R and 5F grade stainless steel, which is of the highest quality.

The quality of this grip and the fact that tattoo artists trust the YorkTattooMall brand make it the best-selling tattoo grip on Amazon. It has received 4.9 stars from hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

  • Two pieces of tattoo tips in a self-locking tattoo grip case
  • Design with non-slip knurling
  • quite cozy for holding
  • Few customers claim that the ends don’t even fit.


6. Hawink Tattoo Cartridge Aluminum Grips

Best Tattoo Grips

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Hawink CNC tattoo cartridge grip is specifically constructed and created to give constant comfort and support throughout the entire hand. You have complete freedom to use whichever needles you choose with it.

Another benefit of Best Tattoo Grips is that it is stable and long-lasting. This grip is made entirely of aircraft aluminum alloy and was CNC-machined. It is also hand-polished and anodized. This Hawink CNC tattoo cartridge grip’s precisely built locking system makes changing cartridges straightforward.

  • Reliable
  • two tattoo needle bars are included.
  • particular locking system
  • Alcohol wipe using ultraviolet light
  • Although there are few complaints about the delivery, the product is lovely.


7. Artibetter Steel Tattoo Grip 

Best Tattoo Grips

This grip is on the list because one of the most well-known tattoo artists recommended it to us; they have been using it for a long time and are pretty satisfied.

It has a non-slip ratcheting construction that always gives you a solid & comfortable grip and is explicitly created with comfort in mind by a few successful tattoo artists. This Best Tattoo Grips may be ideal for you even if you are starting because it works with most tubes. It is made entirely of stainless steel, which is strong, wear-resistant, and completely rust-free.

  • stainless steel helps make
  • very robust
  • rust-free and resistant to wear
  • appropriate for most tubes
  • Not complain yet


8. Tattoo Grips Tubes Adjustable Twist 

Best Tattoo Grips

 There are rotation adjustment structures in the HoriKing tattoo grid that enables you to set the needles more precisely than any other tattoo grip. The rotation sound is a sharp ca-ta ca-ta ca-ta.

It is also easily cleanable, wear-resistant, and autoclavable. However, the plastic components cannot autoclave and easily distort. Another Best Tattoo Grips plus is that machines built with a 3mm center bore are compatible with all drive-bar-style devices.

Its durable construction, constructed from a solid rod of aviation aluminum using CNC technology, and inclusion of specially developed locking systems that make cartridge exchange always easier make it possible for you to use it for many years.

  • needle depth is programmable
  • appropriate for all cartridge needles
  • Adaptive design
  • ultimate comfort and control
  • Perfect grip; however, few customers have expressed delivery complaints.


9. Best Tattoo Grips, SOTICA 

Best Tattoo Grips

That is a set of four tattoo grips, each with a self-locking feature. They are entirely portable and easy to use. Thanks to the Knurled design, you will always enjoy non-slip & steady performance regardless of how you use it or the type of cartridge you use.

Includes a steel rear stem and is compatible with all standard-sized tattoo machines. It Will provide you with years of usage regardless of how you have used it because of its rigid construction, made from premium aluminum & 304 stainless steel. The grip is also mirror polished & knurled.

The company offers a satisfaction warranty. You can request a replacement or a full refund if you’re unhappy with the tattoo grip.

  • Crafted with precision from aluminum
  • Suitable for use with all machine types
  • best rated
  • 100% assurance of fulfillment
  • Few customers report the faulty locking mechanism.

10. Tattoo Cartridge Grip – Jconly 28MM Aluminum Alloy

Best Tattoo Grips

This tattoo grip is not just another; it ranks among the most comfortable tattoo grips and is compatible with practically all standard cartridge systems. You are free to get a tattoo with the needles of your choice.

Its grooved design, made of 316L stainless steel, guaranteed for precision and hygienic handling, will provide you with a full-hand meal.

The company offers a satisfaction warranty. You can request a replacement or a full refund if you’re unhappy with the tattoo grip.

  • suitable for use with all popular cartridge systems for accuracy and cleanliness
  • No drawbacks


What to Watch Out For When Purchasing Best Tattoo Grips.

How critical is my tube grip?

The portion of the tattooing tube called the grip is what the tattooist grips onto as they paint their design. You wouldn’t be able to control the machine with a steady grip without this tiny component. Anyone who has even attempted to tattoo someone knows how vital accuracy and a solid grip are to doing high-quality work.

Delivering the most attractive ink requires managing a tattoo machine with ease and accuracy, just like with other precision-based activities. Although it makes up a small portion of the entire tattoo equipment, it enables artists to produce their work efficiently using different materials.

The tube grip is typically universal because it is a minor component. It would help if you considered the sizes of the needles you’ll be using for your projects as an artist. You must ensure that your tube sizes match when swapping your hands.

Do Dimensions Matter?

When it comes to tattoo tubes, size is essential, just like in every other element of life. You won’t be able to lay ink adequately if you insert a 3RS shader into an 18-round tube. The needle might even come out before you can start painting, if anything.

Size matters, but it doesn’t imply you should always use heavy needles. There’s a strong possibility that you already know this, whether you’re an accomplished or aspiring tattoo artist. What kind of tube you use will depend on how fine your lines must be.

Almost always, the grip size depends on your tube’s diameter. Since grips are incorporated into the pipes, this is not something to consider. That is particularly relevant to reusable metal tubes. Don’t worry if you have trouble recalling which specific lines particular needles fit into the structure. You can remember what to use and when if you refer to this chart of boxes and matching needle sizes.

If you use disposable tools, your grip probably won’t fit a specific size. The majority of single-use grips are universal size to fit any tube. Even while these are frequently less expensive in the short term, the necessity to purchase them continually will lead to higher costs over time.

Should I choose reusable tubes?

The necessity for disposable or reusable grips will depend on what kind of equipment suits you best. Therefore, it’s challenging to answer this issue with a straightforward “yes” or “no.” As I previously stated, the price difference is momentary if you choose the disposable approach as your primary supply of tattoo art items.

I use single-use grips. Disposable grips can be usable on non-disposable tubes if they fit snugly enough. Some tattoo artists prefer autoclave systems, while others prefer disposable ones. You might discover that both autoclaves and disposable equipment have advantages and disadvantages depending on your financial situation, level of expertise, and personal preferences.

Even while some tattoo grips might appear attractive, it often takes a skilled and knowledgeable tattoo artist to produce high-quality work without a grip that is simple to handle. The ideal tattoo grips should be comfortable for the individual using them and snugly fit around the tube.

In addition to being simple to use and maintain, disposable grips are my preference because they are typically the most comfortable to hold on to. It is common for disposable grips to be composed of a soft, mesh-like material to make it simpler to fit around most tubes. Disposable grips feel cushioned, which is why holding onto them is so lovely.

It’s simpler to keep the machine from slipping out of your grasp because they aren’t made up of stainless steel or any other form of ordinary metal. The fact that disposable tattoo tubes don’t require sterilization after each usage is another appealing feature. Be prepared to spend a little more money if you decide that reusable equipment is the way.

Why Comfort Is Important

For any work that calls for accuracy and focus, comfort is crucial. After all, if your hand is not in the most ergonomic position, it can be challenging to maintain focus. Even though it’s infrequent that an unpleasant grip could cause carpal tunnel syndrome, your job may suffer.

Nobody enjoys the idea that their work is subpar, mainly if it results from actions they must avoid. The ability to concentrate on keeping a firm, steady grasp on your machine’s tube is relatively routine work in comparison to the other aspects of tattoo creation that call for appropriate attention.

With the appropriate skills and the most outstanding tattoo grips, you’ll find it simpler to grasp and control the complete tattoo machine. Do not blame your grip alone for your mistakes if you are a novice tattoo artist. Just keep experimenting to determine which postures are most effective for you.

Considerations for Safety

Your machine-holding and painting procedures will make sure that there are no medical issues with your tattoos. No matter how skilled you are at tattooing, you still need to ensure that your tools are clean and of decent quality.

When employing disposable parts, sanitation is less of a concern. However, if you purchase metal autoclave grips, it is imperative that you clean and sterilizes them in between usage. If someone’s body art becomes diseased, you don’t want to perceive it as a liability.

Be careful to wear disposable gloves whether you’re utilizing an autoclave or throwaway setup. Your exposure to the client’s bloodborne pathogens will reduce.


That concludes our compilation of the top tattooing grips and reviews. To select our top 5, we spent a lot of time reading user and customer feedback. Check out which fits your style best because they are excellent for grasping when inking. You may be assured that your new tube grippers won’t let you down when you get your next tattoo.

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