9 best UV Tattoo Inks and shine like a Star.

It might be challenging to keep up with emerging trends and attempt to stay current and in touch. Best UV Tattoo Inks in the world are coming to know that, but the beauty and body art industries are particularly carrying out. Tattoos in general, and body art in particular, are always in style. But, some tattoo designs go out of style every few years. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos, referred to as UV tattoos, are one of these tattoo trends. People appear to have ignored this sort of tattoo throughout the 2020 epidemic. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos lose their meaning because there is nowhere to go and everyone is under lockdown (particularly at night).

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UV Blacklight Reactive Ink

10 Best UV tattoo inks

A considerable time must pass before they lose their UV glow feature to apply . Given the plenty of subpar goods on the tattoo ink market. We tell you to read our review of the best UV tattoo ink to produce stunning and secure glowing-in-the-dark tattoos!

As we examine the 10 best UV tattoo inks today, we’ll provide the answers to these queries.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Large Sheets Neon Temporary Tattoos Colour: Multicolor
Note: 8 Count 
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backpac Large Sheets Neon Glow in The Dark Temporary Tattoos Colour: Multi
Note: 9 piece

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cordlessblower Glow In The Dark Tattoo Neon Temporary Makeup Color: Stylish Style

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cordlessblower Tattoo Stickers Black Lights for Glow Party Blue Luminous Temporary Colour: Blue Luminous
Note: 12Piece Set

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cordlessblower Sheets Sexy 3D Temporary Tattoos For Women Men Arm Forearm Colour: Black
Note: 22 Count (Pack of 1)
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cordlessblower Tattoo Stickers TIK Tok Theme UV Neon Blacklight Temporary Tattoos  Colour: Multi
Note:16 Piece Set

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1. Millennium Moms Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink

Best UV Tattoo Inks

The first uniform, mineral-base tattoo ink in the world is the famous Millennium Mom’s Ink. The tattoo ink from Millennium Mom is the best choice because it has a balanced composition. A homogeneous consistency, and its value. We can refer to this company as the greatest because it is one of the few renowned. and respected ones that manufacture blacklight tattoo ink.

Let’s examine what is familiar about the healing properties. chemical composition and the sheen of different hues of Mom’s ink. These best UV tattoo inks exhibit the typical dying behavior under natural light and UV light. They are a mixture of traditional tattoo inks. or used alone to create the ideal body art that will astound people with its uniqueness and mystique!

Nine of the most popular and brilliant glow colors, each in a 1 oz. size, and including in the Moms Nuclear UV Tattoo Ink package. Let’s take note of the fact that the color Afterglow Yellow exhibits the most consistent and brilliant glow in the dark based on user feedback and our own user experience. Because Moms are a tried-and-true choice among tattoo experts and are invented in the USA. These tattoo inks are dependable and tested.

People are excited by these inks’ nuclear colors in nightclubs, and discos. and even by themselves under a UV lamp.

  • 9 distinct, vivid, and intense glow-in-the-dark hues
  • dependable and trustworthy manufacturing
  • produced in the USA.
  • Sterile
  • Long-lasting sVibrant
  • Your best and most secure ink
  • Information on the composition is still unavailable

2. Bloodline Nuclear Invisible Tattoo Ink

Best UV Tattoo Inks

Since 1996, SkinCandy Tattoo Ink has been manufacturing tattoo ink of the highest caliber. The world’s top tattoo magazines have advertisements for Bloodline’s goods. Even Sylvester Stallone’s “The Unstoppable” movie mentions SkinCandy, and the film’s hero is shown SkinCandy inks.

This is among the best UV tattoo inks for invisible tattoos and is ideal for producing tattoos. that shine when exposed to UV light. It also works nicely for incorporating bright details into a traditional tattoo. For instance, it appears effective when the tattoo artist adds a cross and UV lighting to the dark eyes. or other little touches to emphasize the mysticism of the design. This tattoo ink is well-known and of high quality, produced by a well-known company. The consistency of this tattoo ink is quite easy to work with. Which influences the tattoo artist’s productivity and comfort while working.

We’ve read countless testimonials about this UV light tattoo ink and put it to the test outside. Guess what, now? The safest glowing ink available to induce uncommon allergic responses, among other reasons. Although this 1-ounce bottle is slightly more expensive than those of its rivals. It’s worth it because the glow-in-the-dark tattoo effect is secure and long-lasting.

  • Observe the fewest allergic reactions.
  • This is safe. Convenient texture,
  • absorbed into the skin.
  • It glows at night. produced in the USA.
  • Sterile
  • Long-lasting
  • A little more costly than analogues.

3. Starbrite Glowing Neon Best UV Tattoo Inks Set

Best UV Tattoo Inks

One of the most well-known tattoo ink brands available today is Starbrite. It has a long history of producing tattoos. In China, it is also one of the brands that are most imitated. This makes finding the exact original UV tattoo ink a little challenging. Since more than 20 years ago, Tommy’s Supplies has been manufacturing Starbrite tattoo inks. 

The Starbrite Colours palette is appropriate for both amateurs and experts. It can accommodate any tattoo design. The brand has a large selection of hues to choose from. including neon hues that were introduced to the market. Vibrant, long-lasting hues package in the StarBrite Glowing Neon Set. The colours are orange, green, yellow, pink, and blue.

This combination is suitable for colorful tattoos. that is visible even in the daylight. since there is no invisible ink. This set’s affordability is one of its benefits. This set is the least pricey in this review. All these manufacturers’ goods come in handy bottles as well. They are simple to grip, do not spill, and are open for usage. Since they shine the brightest and are the easiest to apply underneath the skin. The orange and pink shades in this collection have been very popular. Yellow is more liquid than the other colors, making it more difficult to deal with.

Important! vibrant neon hues, not the kind that lights up at night.

  • Reliable and safe manufacturing
  • Simple to use
  • low-cost
  • Sterile Decent consistency
  • Although it’s mentioned as UV tattoo ink, this is not that.

4. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Glow Red, 1 Ounce

Best UV Tattoo Inks

Kuro Sumi ink is meant for being vegan and organic. It is among the smoothest, brightest, and most durable tattoo inks on the market. SDS sheets are available from the firm. if you’re interested in learning more about the ingredients. We retrieved the safety data sheet for Glow Red best UV tattoo inks as part of our reviews. Witch hazel, propylene glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, water, and the pigment naphthol red are all ingredients.

Another name for naphthol red is Pigment Red 170. It’s used in high-end paints and automotive coatings. The bottles of the Glow series are one ounce in size. You must pay more than $100 for a complete set of nine inks.  that are offering some traditional hues and the best UV tattoo inks.  Blue, yellow, magenta, green, purple, yellow, pink, and transparent looked up the SDS for the Glow Clear ink out of interest to see if we could find out what makes it light reactive. Aqua, propylene glycerin, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol, and benzyl alcohol were the components specified. We can rule them out as being UV-reactive pigments. because they make up the majority of Kuro Sumi inks on the market. As a result, there must be a hidden element that is not mentioned.

  • Our ink’s molecular composition produces vibrant.
  • colour that lasts for a very long time.
  • Our Glow Red tattoo ink is suitable for vegans.
  • and is invented with natural ingredients rather than hazardous chemicals.
  • Animal testing is never done on our goods.
  • Japanese traditional art
  • Not material described.

5. Immortal Tattoo Ink “NEON INVISIBLE”

Best UV Tattoo Inks

The epidemic has had a detrimental effect on both the tattoo industry and its supply chain. As a result, there are currently fewer UV tattoo inks available. Here’s a low-cost alternative. if you’re interested in blacklight tattoos but hesitant to spend money on pricey ink. Worldwide Tattoo Supply is the manufacturer and seller of it.

The UV colors of  Immortal Tattoo Ink are available. in red, blue, orange, yellow, magenta, green, purple, and invisible neon. The bottles each weigh half an ounce. Get neon tattoo ink if you’d like to try an experiment. Some of the hues might appear under black light to be as vibrant as inks designated for that purpose.

It indicates that UV light generates a glowing effect. Due to the amazing shining effect, it produces under the black lights in clubs. This is very popular among people who frequent those establishments.

  • Safe using non-toxic substances.
  • Quality is assured for using professional ink.
  • It produces a stunning, dazzling appearance when exposed to UV.
  • The ink is fed or washed away.

6. Skin Candy tattoo ink, blacklight magenta

Best UV Tattoo Inks

Pink is the colour for lovely ladies who are comfortable in their own skin. It represents love, attention, and care. The days of merely needing to wear pink to show off your skin are long gone. You can get inked in a glowing bright UV pink colour and feel proud about it! Our product recommendation has something for you:

If people like to wear bright pink at night, they can choose these is the best tattoo inks for this purpose.. The item’s package is 1 oz. container.  most referred to as “skin candy tattoo ink.” Ideal for women who want to have glow-in-the-dark wrist tattoos of their guys.

  • Pre-applied tattoo ink
  • Bloodline tattoo ink, known as Skincandy,
  • is excellent for highlighting and outlining.
  • Colour differ according to your skin

7. Bloodline 6 Colours UV Set.

Best UV Tattoo Inks

This package includes 6 of the most vibrant and well-liked neon tattoo ink colours. including green, invisible white, yellow, and orange. All colours appear amazing on the skin. because they all shine when exposed to UV light.

The inks produced by kinCandy are American-made products, not foreign imports. Yet, it is still unknown what exactly makes the substance of these inks shine under UV light. So, before tattooing, be sure to verify with your client any allergies to these inks. Despite the manufacturer’s assertion that the inks have undergone testing. he disclaims liability for any skin reactions associated with his product. This particular brand of the best UV tattoo inks received very few complaints about pain. while receiving many compliments on how beautiful the tattoo looks months after the procedure. This kit has the advantage of less price. and includes the most appealing and vibrant colours.  which are enticing to those looking to get glow-in-the-dark tattoos. It is as adaptable as possible. it is recommended that you buy it.

  • Versalite
  • Vibrant
  • Many reviews mention that there are no allergic effects.
  • long-lasting radiance
  • Inexpensive
  • Information on the composition is still unavailable.
  • Skin reactions are not the manufacturer’s fault.

8. Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink – 5 Colour Set – 1/2 oz

Best UV Tattoo Inks

Due to the homogenized pigment blend, Millennium Mom’s Nuclear UV Blacklight Tattoo Ink is smooth. This ink offers the best pigmentation, ensuring high-quality results. the colour it produces is completely consistent. Mostly it will always maintain the colour and quality it offers. Since this ink was tested, it guarantees the highest level of safety.

Nuclear Ink from the MOM is UV and blacklight sensitive. This ink emits an amazing glow-in-the-dark light and is known for best UV tattoo inks among others. It is available in a variety of hues, such as Purple Haze, Red Dawn, Atomic Green, and Blue Smoke. And safe to use on the skin of any body part, so it tries on any part of the body.

  • Enduring in nature.
  • Secure for use on any body part. tested.
  • No cons

9. Opticz All-Purpose Invisible Blue UV Blacklight Reactive Ink (4 Ounce Bottle)

All-Purpose Opticz Invisible Blue UV Blacklight produces a blue-shining effect from reactive ink. It cannot be noticed in natural daylight or other types of lighting. At glow parties, this is one of the most popular inks. It is used as a hand stamp, a product mark, etc. These days, document labelling uses this.

This ink is completely safe since there are no harmful components. Because it is an alcohol-based ink, it is renowned for drying. This is why stamp pads make extensive use of it. It’s interesting that the ink is difficult to remove with water. The ink is safe to use on any type of skin or on any area of the body and is the best UV tattoo inks.

  • Useful a lot of the time.
  • Safe and without toxins.
  • Since the quick-drying effect is based on alcohol,
  • The pigment does not adhere to the skin

Buying Guide

How do UV tattoo inks work?

Do you wish to discover the components of glow-in-the-dark ink? When a tattoo is complete, a special dye that glows under ultraviolet light is used to create a UV tattoo. The majority of these ultraviolet tattoo inks are assumed to be clear. so that the tattoo does not show through. It has healed under normal lighting settings. but it does appear when exposed to ultraviolet light. These tattoo inks can have many hues. such as orange, red, purple, etc. In order for the best UV tattoo inks to glow under ultraviolet light. What is it made of?

specialities of best UV Tattoo Inks

We must explain what the core of the glow is in our own words after speaking with specialists. Thus, it may appear to be made of an unsafe material at first glance. But in reality, these colours are completely safe. because the ink incorporates a synthetic polymer used in medicine. PMMA, often known as Methyl Methacrylate, is the formal term for this synthetic polymer.

  • Work with glow-in-the-dark ink specifics:
  • UV tattoo inks are applied to regular tattoo inks. But, there are some pointers for dealing with them:
  • because the dye used to make the best UV tattoo inks glow isn’t distributed. UV tattooing demands a lot of knowledge from the tattoo artist.
  • Fluorescent tattoo ink has a very liquid viscosity.
  • making it challenging to work with and necessitating the tattoo artists.
  •   utmost concentration, patience, steadiness, and accuracy.
  • They are not combined like traditional tattoo inks are.
  • Up until the tattoo’s top layer of the epidermis is enclosed with it, the tattoo’s first glow is the brightest.
  • The optimal skin tone for luminous tattoos is thin, pale skin.
  • To check for allergies, we tell you to get a tiny tattoo piece first. It is workable to move on to larger portions if the body tolerates the dye.
  • Again, the composition is at blame because luminous inks are more powerful allergens than regular inks.
  • They don’t heal well, these best UV tattoo inks. You sometimes need to exert more effort to get the tattoo ink under the skin since they don’t apply.
  • As a result, you traumatised the skin, which can affect how well it heals.
  • Small-diameter needles are used when covering up older tattoos. Mostly they only cover specific shapes rather than the entire surface.


The producer of the glowing ink and the artist’s talent has a significant impact. on how long a tattoo will shine after healing. These will never vanish, but they will fade over time,  like any tattoo. The layer of epidermis covering the ink will lessen the shine effect. It is crucial to avoid placing the ink much beneath the dermis in this situation. The tattoo can glow for up to a couple of years, though, with good tattooing and the correct best UV tattoo inks. According to reviews, the tattoo shines for up to six months on average.

The greatest places to get glowing tattoos are on parts of the body with thin skin. The hands, forearms, feet, collarbone region, and shoulder blade are some examples of these locations.

To sum up,

you’ve made the decision to design unique, eye-catching tattoos that stand out in the dark. and draw attention when exposed to UV light with the best UV tattoo inks. Then you should pay close attention to the ink’s quality. because there is a higher risk of allergic reactions and unfavorable outcomes for the client. If there are more chemicals in the substance being introduced beneath the skin, The safest and most reliable manufacturers and kits that you can recommend to your customers are discussed in this best UV tattoo inks review. The UV tattoo inks produced by Moms and SkinCandy are the best. They assist in designing vibrant tattoos and minimizing the dangers.

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